Cakes next week

I have several cakes coming up next week!
I will be working on a cake for a special little girl’s birthday. I plan on making it very fun and girly. Lots of colors, shapes and all fondant. I want to make it two tier with stars and polka dots and zebra print… something like they made on the food network challenge for Miley Cyrus.

I also possibly have a cake for my old friend Charlie’s sister’s birthday.
She asked for speakers for her car… so he wants me to make a cake that looks like a box with two subs in it! haha… I’m totally down. We just have to work out the logistics. I think he said it was next Friday, but if it’s this Friday, it’s a no go… I have no time this week for cake, sadly.

I also have to make one or two cakes for mother’s day. I think we’ll have both of our moms over at the house for dinner and I’ll just make one cake so everyone can have some.

We’re having company this Sunday for dinner, but I might make cup cakes. I can bring some to the bar if they don’t get eaten!

cake cake cake!!!


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