Mother’s Day cakes

Alright, so today is Mother’s Day and I decided to make some special cakes for my mom and my mother in law. I figured it’s kind of a lot to ask someone to take an entire cake home, it’s a lot of cake to eat, so I made one large cake and cut it in half! 

I did this before I covered in fondant, of 
course. I made 3 colors of fondant and rolled out two large sheets of orange to cover the halves. My mom loves tigers and my mother in law’s favorite color is orange. 
This was the best I’ve ever done on covering cakes with fondant
. I was REALLY REALLY watching Ace of Cakes earlier and watching extra close whe
n they were covering cakes today so I could try to get the technique down. I realized there’s no reason I should EVER have a seam in a fondant covered cake.
After covering both cakes, I went to work on the details. 

I covered my mom’s with black fondant tiger stripe
s, cut out with a pizza cutter and Brian’s mom’s with fondant flowers cut out with fondant cutters.
Overall, huge success. I love the way they look! The insides were alternating layers of lemon and white cake! Yum!

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