Cake Week!

Obviously, at my house, almost every week seems like cake week, but last week was CAKE WEEK… like… whoa! I made tons of cake and it was awesome!

I made a baby bottle cake for a baby shower:
Yellow cake with fondant and fondant accents.

I made a HUGE guitar cake for Blind Bob’s one year anniversary of open mic night.
Chocolate and vanilla cake covered in fondant. Some hand painted details, buttercream details, dragee details and fondant details. All 100% edible except for the 6 tooth picks holding the tuning pegs on! It was a huge hit. I had a piece the next day. SO GOOD. I was at the bar the next couple nights and received tons of compliments. It made me feel awesome about what I do!

I had a birthday cake for a little girl with a horse on it!
Pretty adorable. I love the combination of brown, blue and white. :) The birthday girl was thrilled. That makes my life every time.

And then Addison’s birthday cake! It turned out really perfect!
I love making the cake so much that I can forgive him for hiding under the table while we sang happy birthday. I got him Toy Story crayons, Toy Story sand toys, a 3-d reptile book and an alligator mask. haha. When he hugged me for making him his cake he pulled me on the floor and rolled on me hahaha. I love that kid.


My friend Justin… well, he’s a badass. That’s all there is to it.
He built my husband a really cool bike and I wanted to thank him.
He loves my fondant that I make, so I knew I wanted to make him a little fondant cake. I’m going to take it to him at the bike shop he works at.

Brian's bike

Since he’s helping us in our efforts to go green, I thought this was appropriate.

Spring Birthday Cake

spring birthday cake

I keep stepping back and looking at this, trying to decide if I’d gone overboard…
then I decided, that no, it was awesome. And before I tucked it in the fridge, I actually tossed some edible shimmer glitter on it.

I have FOUR cakes to make next week.
All are pretty insane. It’s gonna be wild.

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