Look Whooo’s Having a Baby!

I got a call from my friend Crystal. She told me that her sister was going to have a baby and that she was going to need a cake for the shower. She sent me a text saying the cake theme was going to be aquatic. All sorts of fish, turtles, squid, octopus, corral etc.
I was stoked… I mean… I LOVE aquatic things!
I have a full sleeve dedicated to sea turtles!

I went over to discuss the cake with the rest of the family and how surprised was I to learn the theme was not in fact going to be sea life… it was going to be OWLS.

I was actually totally stoked on this. Who doesn’t like owls?? They’re so cute and so hip right now. I love that retro is so in right now. I’ve actually been wanting to do an owl cake for a while, so this was just great.

I was asked to use green, brown, blue and orange as the colors for the cake. She’s having a boy, so I made the little owl blue and green.

One of the sisters asked if I could make cupcakes. I told her that I don’t really make cupcakes… they’re just not my thing. They’re tiny and time consuming. I like making BIG things lol.
But when she told me she was hoping for a dozen cupcakes with tiny green owls, I couldn’t resist.

I set to work on the owls first thing.
Once I put the eyes on these owls… my heart just melted. They were SO cute.

For the cake, I pushed together two quarter sheet cakes so they could have two flavors. I covered everything in a thick coat of buttercream and then rolled out blue fondant to cover it. I cut the shape of a tree branch out of fondant and laid it on top of the cake. I used a food color marker to draw the wood grain on. I thought it would pop well with all the bold details.

As soon as the owls were on, I was totally thrilled. It could be my cutest creation ever.

Owl Cake and Cupcakes


I put the cupcakes in one of my little brown bakery boxes and decided there needed to be one more. I iced up one of the extras and made some little leaves to put on it. It all turned out just adorable.
Owl Cupcakes

One of the best parts was when I showed up with the cake and the blue on the cake matched EXACTLY to the cups, plates and napkins that I hadn’t even seen yet!
The mom-to-be was super thrilled and I got lots of hugs.

And all this owl talk got me excited, so here’s some great owl stuff I found on ETSY!

Like this adorable owl case by seller OhMyCake!

Owl iPhone / iTouch / iPod / Card Case

I’m also swoony in love with these wall decals by seller surfaceinspired.

Wall Decals

And who wouldn’t squee over this pillow by karensagez???? There are little owls ON THE OWL!

Owl Pillow

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. twobooswhoeat
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 18:32:12

    I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! Owls are the greatest!


  2. Grace VB
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 17:38:26

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! i think this may just be my favourite cake of yours yet! you are super duper talented!


  3. Elaina Brandel
    May 01, 2012 @ 18:27:51

    How can I see more of the sea turtle sleeve??? I would like to get something extremely similar and just want to look at the girls designs on her arm, I love it!!


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