Tutorial Tuesday: Covering a Cake with Fondant

Oops, hey guys, turns out it’s Tuesday. I almost forgot to do this. I’m already having such a crazy week! Okay, so last week, we made fondant. Tonight, we’re going to talk about actually covering a cake with the fondant you made.

First you’ll want to spread a layer of buttercream on your cake. Some people like a thin layer and some like a thick layer. It’s up to you really. I’d say when you’re first starting out, a thin layer is best, though some would disagree with me. Some like the thick layer because for those who peel off the fondant and don’t want to eat it, they will still have a nice amount of frosting.

Next, you’ll want to get some powdered sugar (preferably mixed with a bit of cornstarch) onto the counter.
Fondant making

(You might notice that my cake isn’t a cake… it’s actually… a pyrex bowl covered in frosting haha. I didn’t have a cake ready for this.)

Now put your fondant on the counter, sprinkle more sugar on top of it and roll it out. You don’t want it ridiculously thin, but you also don’t want it too thick. You can buy mats that have circles on them to roll your fondant on. It shows you how much you need to roll out to cover whatever size your cake is. I just eye balled this. You really need to put some elbow grease into rolling it out.
Fondant making

Once it’s rolled out, you’ll want to roll it around the rolling pin in order to drape it over the cake.
Fondant making

Fondant making

Now you’ll want to start smoothing it with your hands and fondant smoother if you have one.
You’ll want to start from the top down. If you just press it all against the sides, you’re going to end up with all sorts of lines and creases.
Fondant making Fondant making Fondant making Fondant making

Use a pizza cutter to trim the excess from the bottom. Stay as close to the cake bottom as you can, but know that if you cut it too high, you can always cover it with a piped border.
Fondant making


And just for fun, I decorated this one with my airbrush. It was actually the first cake I was messing around with some stencils I got :)

Sooo there it is. Looks like I’m submitting this to post with about 10 minutes of Tuesday left lol. Oops! But hey, on the West coast, I’m on time ;)

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  3. Jacqui
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 02:52:26

    I think I just wound up here from reddit. Anyway – great tutorial! Never thought fondant was a thing I could make/use, so definitely going to give it a shot for my dad’s birthday!


  4. remboursement mutuelle
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 01:09:01

    Mon amie m’en parlé il y a quelques jours, on peut dire que cela tombe bien. Cela me paraît fort intéressant. A bientôt.


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