I love it when this happens…

Some times when I make a cake cool inside, I never get to see what it looks like when it gets sliced. If it’s a cake I’m giving some one as a gift or a cake a friend had me make for one of their family members etc.
I mean… I know, in theory, how the cake SHOULD look when you cut into it, but there are so many things involved and little things can go wrong or whatever. When you’re trying to create art with the cake batter, you can never be 100% sure how things are going to turn out.

I was so glad I got the chance to get a photo of the inside of the tie dye cake!

Sure, it’s just a phone photo, but you can still see that it turned out pretty darn well! I’d totally eat a slice of tie dye cake!

Well, coming up after this weekend, I’ll be eating not just one, but two of my own birthday cakes :)
I turn TWENTY SEVEN this weekend!!! How did this happen!?!?
In any case, my good friend Crystal is an artist and she came over to help my make my cake for Saturday! It’s pretty much done and the theme is awesome and so me.

Sunday, we’ll be with my husband’s family celebrating a triple birthday! My niece Tori turned 14 yesterday, I turn 27 Sunday and my niece Lauren turns 2 on the 30th. Soooo of course, since we’re having a triple birthday party, I decided to make a big ol’ 3 tier cake with a tier for each of us! I think I won’t pipe a boarder around the bottoms so that I can unstack them and send the girls home with their tiers in boxes and we can just eat from the large bottom tier with my name on it at the party. I’m going to have cake coming out my ears.

Can’t wait to show you guys the cakes!

Also, I was given news that when Crescendo got his snare drum cake, he wouldn’t let anyone eat any of it at the store because he wanted his wife to see it whole haha. WIN.


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