Tutorial Tuesday: Smoothie Pops


I’d like to start by apologizing for being MIA… I haven’t had the best week/month/year… life…

I excitedly announced my pregnancy to you all a while ago… and last Tuesday my whole world fell apart when we visited the doctor and found out things weren’t good.

We’re confident that we’ll get through this and become parents someday, but it’s not going to happen for us this year. This is the second time we’ve been through this. I have faith that our doctor will figure this out for us.

I haven’t had much strength this week and I’ve just been wanting something comforting. When I’m not feeling good, I always want popsicles. I’m a big fan of juice bars and smoothie pops. We found some Jamba Juice bars at the store and while I was eating one I realized how easy it would be to make them at home with whatever flavors I wanted. I know it’s not cake, but it’s still dessert.

I started with about 3/4 cup watermelon, 3/4 cup strawberries and a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt. I wanted to add a little bit of honey just for extra sweetness.

I mixed them all in the food processor and blended well.
photo photo photo

I then filled my molds
photo photo

I froze mine overnight to be sure they were solid.

Release them by running a bit of hot water over the outside of the mold so you don’t accidentally pull the sticks out.

These turned out great…

I can’t wait to try to organic chocolate swirl pops I’m attempting right now. Organic chocolate syrup drizzled in first and then I poured organic chocolate milk in. I don’t really know how well milk freezes? Or if it will be good. I assume it will be delicious though.

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