Tutorial Tuesday: Fondant Figures

So, I’ve had many requests for a tutorial on fondant figures. To be honest, I’m not so great with them. I suppose mostly because I never really make them! Well, it might seem a bit unusual, but I was scouring the web for something else the other day when I stumbled upon quite possibly the best fondant figure tutorial I’ve ever seen in my life. I was so excited about it. It made me feel like anyone could read it and make a pretty rad figure.
Immediately, I wanted to share this information with you all. The blog is Eat the Evidence and you can find this wonderful tutorial HERE.

I know it seems silly to outsource a tutorial, lol, but seriously, I could never do it better than this and I’m not about to steal someone’s work and act like I came up with it.

Upon more reading of her blog, I discovered that I’ve seen her work and I am already a fan of hers! And she lives in Austin. I’ve lived in Austin and for the record, I couldn’t imagine making cakes any place more humid than here in Ohio. Whenever I see people who make cakes in these hotter places, I am just in awe of them.

Well, maybe some time tonight I’ll have time to try to make a figure based on this tutorial and I can show you guys what I made! Until then, please check out her blog and enjoy that epic tutorial!

Don’t worry, I have A LOT of stuff coming up. I’m going to have cake coming out my ears!!

For a distraction, here’s a photo of a choco taco I ate last week. It was delicious.

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