When your friends turn 40…

So, this guy, Tony… he’s awesome. He turned 40 this year and put together a super cool fling for himself.
I was to do the cake and I knew I needed to make something very cool for this very cool guy.

I think I delivered. His party was on the roof top of a very cool building downtown with a great view!

Hey! I can see my apartment from here!

I covered the cake board with a fancy placemat and decided this cake needed to be TWO cakes haha.
I brainstormed and came up with some ideas. I mean what do you make a super hip guy with tons of interests?!
I settled on a few things. I made a plank of sushi for the large cake which was strawberry flavored.
Then I made a saucer and a mug of coffee which was chocolate espresso flavored cake! And a little fondant cassette tape.
photo 3.JPG

Everything turned out fantastically!

Birthday boy:

Tiki Cake

So, last year I made cakes for my friends Karen and Justin on their birthdays. I did a cake of Karen’s bicycle for her birthday. I also did a cake that looked like a giant beard for Justin’s birthday.
Some friends of theirs were at both parties and loved the cakes. Their friend Cheryl got a hold of me and asked if I could make her husband’s 30th birthday cake. When she showed me the design, I was a bit overwhelmed, but told her I could do it. I was a little concerned.

This was the file she sent me:

It was designed by the recipient’s tattoo artist. It was kind of a big deal that I did it justice.
I printed the picture out to the size I wanted to make the cake and started cutting it into sections. I created each piece separately from fondant and started layering them on the cake, which I first covered with with a layer of brown fondant.
Once it was done, I hit it up with my airbrush to add some darker brown shading to some portions of it.

Tiki Cake

I even made the tiki torch out of cake, weaving fondant on the lantern portion.

I used some of my fondant tool to add some texture and distressed look to some of the pieces.
Tiki Cake

Tiki Cake

Honestly, this has turned out to be one of my favorite cakes I’ve ever done! Everyone at the party loved it and I’m told the birthday boy was blown away.

Well, don’t forget to check in on Tuesday for my tutorial on how to make some sweets for your sweets! Annnnd my first ever blog give away will also be taking place! See you guys there!

The Beard!

My friend Justin had a birthday! He’s super cool and he has the longest beard of any one I know. To me, it was obvious what had to be done here…

I was stoked because I finally bought edible markers.
Beard Cake

Beard caaaaake!!!

And what better than to throw in some party accessories?
I look good with a beard. Jussayin.

Beard cake… it’s what’s for dinner.

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