A Very Scary Birthday Cake!

Okay, so sometimes you get to make a cake and you know it’s going to be one of the coolest thing ever before you even start rolling out the fondant…

Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve had the privilege of making.
Challenge #1 was that this was a glutton free cake. I’ve not made one, so I hope it tasted good. I was told it was good :)
Again, I’m hella behind on posting, so I made this a while back.

Anyhow this birthday cake was for Joel Robinson of artpusher.net. He seems to be a very rad dude and I feel lucky to have been able to make this cake!

First I had to recreate his logo in sugar. I’ll tell you, his website at the time didn’t have the full logo, so I kind of had to make it up in photo shop haha.
photo 4.JPG

I filled the cake with a blood red strawberry reduction I made. (I could have just eaten it all with a spoon it was so good. I made the cake black velvet.
photo 5.JPG

The bones I made with candy melt. I made and cooled tons and lined the entire cake with them. Black chocolate fondant covered the cake.

The skulls were from a mold and the knife I hand made a mold for using one of my kitchen knives. I hand painted that.
photo 2.JPG

His wife asked for a horror themed cake! I think I delivered!
Seriously, one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever done!

Transformers Cake… take… what now? Three?

I believe this is the 3rd Transformers cake I’ve made. Possibly the 4th. I forget. It’s for sure, one of the coolest.

I decided I wanted to make “metal” panels for the sides of this cake. I cut the panels from grey fondant and then added “screws” to the corners by cutting little circles and scoring them.
I lined the cake with the panels and then painted them with edible silver shimmer. A few “rusty” accents and I was loving how it was shaping up.
Finally, I decided to add some “patches” here and there for a more worn look. I was really happy with the results!


Funny enough, when I went to cut out the logo, I planned to print it out, lay it over my fondant and cut from there. Well, my printer had other plans and refused to print! I was furious, but I calmed myself down and cut the design out free hand, using a photo on my phone as reference. Not bad if I do say so myself.

I love this cake!

Also, wish me luck… I’m fighting the mobs to go Christmas shopping today lol.

Show Jane Some Support… She’s 50!

I wish I could take credit for this clever cake idea, but this is what my friend Jane requested haha.

She wanted something funny and cute for her 50th birthday and this was just the thing.

I hand made the bra by piecing together fondant…
I tried to be as detailed as possible, adding lace and stitching and other little details here and there like the lacing.

I must say, it all came together nicely!

Hilariously, in the end, I had to fill the bra cups with icing so they could stand on their own, as I didn’t have time to dry the piece for several days haha!

The Star Cake

I always love doing repeat business! To me, it’s a huge compliment and I feel super lucky to make cakes for the same great people I’ve made cakes for in the past.

I had already done a bulldozer cake for little Atreyu’s 2nd birthday and now it was time for his sister’s 1st birthday!

I even got to add a new pan to my cake arsenal for this one!

I wasn’t sure exactly how to level this thing haha, but I worked it out.

It was a great zebra cake inside. I was pretty stoked on how bright the colors came out.
The exterior was awesome as well. :) I tried a new technique with this since I wasn’t sure exactly how to cover the star with one sheet of fondant, plus, we wanted the panels to be different colors. So I cut panels of fondant to attach at each corner.

Super happy with how it all turned out! Can’t wait to make another star cake!

Also, I love that this cake included two of my favorite things to do with a cake… zebra cake and zebra stripes!

A Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday

You’ll have to excuse the lack of tutorials maybe for a week or two. I’m still trying to piece my life back together.

This is one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever put together. I was super proud of it. My friend’s son was turning 4 (which is INSANE) and wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.
I think I did them proud…

Jacks’ face was hand drawn with edible markers and the skulls were cast in white chocolate! Yum!
photo.JPG photo.JPG

Everyone loved it and the birthday boy was happy… success!

Yaaaay featured on musthavecute.com!!

More Than Meets the Eye

So, through the wonders of technology, I’ve set this to post while I’m actually on the road on my way to Wisconsin. Right now, I’m probably chugging Monster and rocking out to The Postal Service.

So anyhow-
A while back, I made this awesome Darth Vader cake for my friend Janna’s son’s birthday. Darth Vader Birthday Cake!

It was an epic party and I’ve made several cakes for people who were at the party and saw the cake.
spring birthday cake IMG_8404 Elephant blanket birthday cakes

Well, now I have another to add to that list. I was contacted by Jennifer about making her son a cake. He likes Transformers. I’ve done one Transformers cake before, but this would be a bit more involved. She wanted it to be similar to the Darth Vader cake with the logo on top and then a decorated cake on the bottom.
She said he likes Bumble bee, one of the characters on the show. Not the new version though- the old school version. Love it!


I used black fondant on top and then painted the logo with edible silver dust mixed with a little bit of vodka to make a paint. Then I outlined all that in buttercream.

The bottom part had a little VW and a Bumblebee face on the sides.


The best part though…

You had to know it was coming!! Bumble Bee inside!!!
So cool. I’m told the cake was a big hit and everyone loved it! That’s the best thing to hear and I never get tired of hearing it!

And of course, the zebra cake tutorial!

May the fondant be with you…

My friend Janna’s son Ender turned 5 this week and he loves Star Wars. Loves it!
Janna is an amazing mom and she would do anything for her son. So she commissioned me to make what could well be the coolest cake I’ve ever made.
I sat down with the little man and asked him what he wanted his cake to be. He said very matter of factly that he wanted Darth Vader. :)

Well, I set to work, trying to come up with a cool design that would be fun for him. I checked out some cakes online that other people had made, collected some ideas and came up with a plan.

This is what I made!

Darth Vader Birthday Cake!

Darth Vader Birthday Cake!Darth Vader Birthday Cake!Darth Vader Birthday Cake!

Now, Janna is such a freaking awesome mom, that she and another friend, Stacy, looked every place they could to find Ender a Darth Vader costume to wear to this party. They tracked one down at a store about an hour and a half away and he is going to get to be Darth Vader. How cool is that??? He said he doesn’t want people to know it’s him. He wants them to think it’s really Darth Vader. It’s so cute, I could actually explode. He might just be the cutest kid in existence.
I wish I could go to the party and help them eat this cake! I don’t envy the fact that Janna has to slice this fancy thing open though lol.

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