Tutorial Tuesday: Chocolate Butterflies

Better late than never, Tuesday isn’t over yet!
I’ve had a few requests for a tutorial on how to make the chocolate butterflies I use to decorate some of my cakes.

Butterfly Baby Shower Cake spring birthday cake
It’s super easy and fun! You can use this technique for lots of other things as well!

Tutorial Tuesday

Ok, so we need to start with two different colors of chocolate or candy melt. If you’ve not worked much with melting/tempering chocolate, candy melt/almond bark is your best bet. You can find a package in the baking isle at your grocery store for around $3.

You’ll need wax paper, a couple of icing tips, frosting bags and some scotch tape.

Go online and google “butterflies”, find a page of those suckers and print that baby out! You’ll want to tape that print out to your counter and then tape the wax paper over top. The tape will keep your sheets lined up and not sliding around.

Tutorial Tuesday Tutorial Tuesday
I wouldn’t use anything larger than a no.3 icing tip. Remember, the smaller the tip, the more detailed your butterflies will be.
Melt down the chocolate that you want to use for your outline. It doesn’t matter which you use for the outline, either works great.
I melt 30 seconds at a time stirring in between in the microwave until it’s melted.

Tutorial Tuesday

Fill your icing bag with your chocolate and start tracing your butterflies. (YES it is THAT EASY!) :D
Tutorial Tuesday Tutorial Tuesday Tutorial Tuesday

Once you’ve finished your outlines, melt down your second color. This one, you’ll be using to fill in the rest of the butterflies. As you get this ready, your outlines should cool and set up enough to hold the white chocolate.
Tutorial Tuesday Tutorial Tuesday Tutorial Tuesday

They should set up pretty quickly, but you can speed up the process by cooling them in the fridge. Once they’re solid, you can just peel them off the wax paper!
Tutorial Tuesday

See, super simple!

You can attach these to the cake with melted chocolate, frosting or piping gel.

Hope you are all having a good week. I can’t wait for the snow here in Ohio to melt so that I can see some real butterflies.

Spring Birthday Cake

spring birthday cake

I keep stepping back and looking at this, trying to decide if I’d gone overboard…
then I decided, that no, it was awesome. And before I tucked it in the fridge, I actually tossed some edible shimmer glitter on it.

I have FOUR cakes to make next week.
All are pretty insane. It’s gonna be wild.

It’s a Butterfly… it’s an airplane… no! It’s a cake!

This week I did two cakes! One was for my best friend Chelsea’s sister’s baby shower.
I was given this fabric as inspiration:

And this is what I made:
Butterfly Baby Shower Cake

Everything is buttercream on the cake itself. The butterflies are made of chocolate and are copies of the butterflies on the fabric. The little flowers are fondant with buttercream. The inside is lemon with strawberry filling!! It’s the same flavor I made for Chelsea’s birthday!
I love it. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever made!

I also made a cake for a friend of mine on Twitter! @GinaKay!
This is an air craft carrier I made for her husband:

Sorry for the stupid black stuff all around the photo haha. I just needed to try to hide all of the junk on the counter!!!
There’s a small Jazz band playing on the deck as well. I made it sort of an abstract element. Her husband is a Navy vet who loves jazz! This was mostly buttercream. The deck was made of oreo cookies with I processed into a fine grain in my food processor and there are fondant pieces here and there. The water is all buttercream.

I am making my niece a birthday cake on Sunday! Can’t wait to post it!! It’s going to be VERY cute!

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