My Best Friend’s Wedding

I have an amazing group of girlfriends who are my best friends. And this past weekend, one of them got married. Katie asked me to make her cake and I knew for Katie it had to be all out. We went with a huge four tier square cake and cake pops.

It’s funny, I actually tried to be proactive with this and I spent a couple of evenings before I made the cake doing things like getting all the decor cut out on my cricut machine. I spent forever rolling out sheets of gumpaste to dry over night and then cut them all out the next night. Well, when I got the cake stacked and went to decorate… guess what? I’d cut all the decor an inch too tall!!!!! Crap.

Well, I went with a plan B. I made an emergency run to the craft store and picked up a mold that you can press fondant into to get some nice shapes. In the end, it all came together wonderfully.
It was an outdoor wedding, but there was a lovely little air conditioned room for the cake. It was perfect.

I had never made cake pops before, but they turned out just lovely!
The white and pink went so nicely with the aqua!


So cute!

The funny part about this cake was that some of the cake… was, in fact, a lie. LOL
The bottom tier was made of foam! It wasn’t really cake at all. It was a false tier lol. the large tier was lemon cake filled with a delicious lemon filling, the middle was vanilla bean filled with vanilla bean buttercream and the top tier was strawberry with vanilla buttercream.
It was the first time I had ever worked with vanilla beans! I loved it. I cut them open and the whole house smelled like vanilla! Yum! Even though the strawberry tier was the smallest, I put an entire carton of fresh strawberries into it! haha. The strawberry to cake ratio was almost equal lol
Katie wanted the lemon cake to be the largest because it’s her favorite. Originally, I was going to make the lemon curd myself, but while I was at Cake Craft picking up supplies, I saw they had some premade… the ladies swore to me that it was delicious and I figured it would save me an hour or so of my life, so I went for it haha. It was so good and it even came in an awesome bag that you just snip the tip off of and pipe it into the cake!

In the end, it was a heck of a night and a hell of a party. There was a taco bar, a lot of beer and a lot of dancing.
Congratulations you two. <3


This is the best cake I’ve ever made! I think it’s completely lovely. My friend ordered it from me for her sister’s bridal shower.

She gave me a lot of creative control, which I loved because this was a cake I’ve been wanting to make.
My original design was only two tier, but I kept staring at it this morning thinking, no, no I need one more tier! It needs three. this is the first 3 tier cake I have made. I was really excited about it.

This cake is surrounded in rolled vanilla wafers and topped with white chocolate that I spent over an hour curling to perfection.
The wedding colors were lavender and white, I really wanted lavender roses and I was way excited when I found these cloth o
nes at the store which matched the ribbon perfectly.
Beneath all this, the top tier is confetti cake, the middle tier is chocolate and 
the bottom tier is confetti. Yum!
Today I also made cake pops for the first time! I’ve been wanting to do them for a while. It was a lot of work!
I cut small cylinders of cake out of a sheet cake, dipped the bottoms in candy melt and put s
ticks in them. I let the candy melt set up in the fridge for a bit and then iced the tops.
I ended up taking these into the bar I work at for my co-workers to munch on and give away to friends.
While I was in there I got to snag a fresh strawberry cookie that my boss’s mom had made. It was delicious haha.
I made some full size cup cakes today to because I can’t handle not having some kind of cake in the house at all times now haha. Didn’t take any photos though! Sorry!

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