Tutorial Tuesday: is… a bust??

Alright… soooo…. yeah. Hmm… Hey- what’s that, over there!?!? Behind you! No? Not falling for that? Hm okay. Welllll…

That’s fair. So let me explain why I have nothing to show for you today. I have had a crazy week. I mean, it’s ALWAYS crazy, but this week has been more crazy than most!

Here’s a list of things I did while I should have been working on a tutorial for my blog:
Extremely last minute, I went to go see Jimmy Eat World. They are my favorite band ever.

Got the ol’ bike crew back together… it was a fantastic weekend here in Ohio with temps in the 60s! (Now it’s practically snowing again…)

I got a new bike! Now I have a pink one and a green one! :D

I’ve been at the gym like every evening, workin’ on my fitness.
Hello, skinnier, healthier me!

I upgraded to the iphone. (It completes me<3)

And I think the BEST part is that I even MADE A CAKE which, I was going to make a tutorial for, but I was so busy rushing around to get it done, I completely forgot to do the tutorial!!!

Well, I feel like a total schmuck.
Here’s a couple of cakes I made over the past couple of weeks that I had no time to post!

Both were sort of sports related and I really don’t know much about sports lol. So I had to do a little research! One was a football helmet!

Chicago Bears, evidently! The thing that stuck out to me the most was that the C is like the Cincinnati Red’s C. haha
The inside of the cake was layered orange and blue!

Then the wrestling cake for a very special girl. My friend Bill at work had me make it for it for his sister in law who has down syndrome. She loves wrestling.
flower tutorial 001

So, listen! I’ve been super busy and I apologize for not posting a tutorial today!!!!
How about next week, I do something super rad? Two tutorials or one super mega awesome one… or something! We’ll see what happens.

Love you guys! I know at least one of you was paying attention and realized I hadn’t posted one. lol (Jodee!!! lol)

Best Wishes!

It’s always a total bummer when someone you like at work leaves to do something else. Crescendo worked in the drum department at the music store I work at and he is a super cool dude. I mean… how could he not be? His name is Crescendo!

Well, he kept joking that I should make him a cake… So I figured, you know what? Why not. I have this power… so let’s use it for good!

I decided to make him a snare drum. He’s a great drummer and he’s the music minister at his church.
I was originally going to make him a specific snare drum, but my cakes… ehhhh they didn’t really rise so well hahaha… so I he ended up with a piccolo snare drum :)
Drum Cake

The cake is chocolate with mint buttercream. I created a drum head with white fondant, wrapped the sides in a sort of mixed up wood grain looking fondant. I added the hoops and lugs on the sides and sprayed them metallic with my airbrush.

I don’t work today, so I brought the cake to work yesterday and left it for him with a note on it in his department. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see it. I know even if he thinks I’ll make him a cake, he won’t be expecting something quite as elaborate as this!

I wish I could be there when he opens it! I know he’ll love it.

So, to Crescendo, where ever you are right now- Best wishes and good luck!

Music and video games

Last week I did two pretty cool cakes!

One was for the bassist of local band LegBone. His girlfriend asked me to do it as a surprise for him. It was chocolate cake covered in fondant. I used an exacto knife to cut the logo out of fondant and then added the white accents by hand. Shaped like Ohio :)

Legbone Birthday Cake

Also, I made a cake for a cousin. He turned 15 this weekend. Trying to decide what to make a 15 year old kid for his birthday was pretty hard. To be honest. I was sort of clueless. We brainstormed forever until we realized pretty much all 15 year old boys liked video games.
XboX 360 Cake

The cake itself was white and green marbled vanilla cake. The controller was made of cereal treat covered in fondant. The birthday boy ate almost the entire controller lol.

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