It’s that time of year again!

Alright, time for a post… in fact, it’s long past time!!!!

So last year I participated in the Secret Santa exchange.
It was my very first of many exchanges on the site. It was not actually all that I hoped and dreamed it would be.

I was soooo crazy excited. I made my match this cake. I sent him that along with a bunch of other stuff. Some comics, some local candy, some star trek toys… I was so pleased that I had done such a good job putting together his gift.

I sent it out and I waited. And I waited. And… I waited.
Two weeks after I knew he received it… I finally got the email! My giftee confirmed receiving my gift! Usually people post photos and post glorious thank you notes. I’d been dreaming of this day! I open the page and staring back at me is just one sentence. Not even really a full sentence. “Got a box of cool stuff.”

*blink* F5… nope, still the same.

Sooo my giftee wasn’t as crazy appreciative as I had hoped. Ah well.
I signed up to rematch someone who’s gifter didn’t send them anything. And she was thrilled when I made her a Jaws pillow. So that was great! Since then, I think I’ve participated in about a dozen exchanges! Overall, my experiences have been wonderful.
I’ve given and received some really great stuff.

THAT SAID… this year my match was really cool! She loves colorful things and tie dye things and she even likes to bake! And she has a sweet tooth!

So, of course, I had to go for a round two on the cake!
photo 1.JPG
I knew right away I was going to make her a wonderful colorful striped cake. And I wanted to direct her to this blog so that she can see that I’m a cake decorator and not just some random crazy internet person who could be sending her some poisoned food lol.

photo 2.JPG

I knew right away I wanted to pick some wild colors. I went with blue, green, pink and orange. So much fun!!!

photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG

Some photos of the layering. I used the zebra cake technique. Two table spoons of each color alternating in the center…


I apologize for the sorry state of these photos. My phone cameras are pretty messed up right now and I plan on replacing them :p

Home made buttercream… sooo yummy!

Home made fondant. I wore rubber gloves to protect my lovely Star Trek manicure… but that’s a whole other story…

Filled and covered with the delicious buttercream!

All done!

photo 2.JPG
Packaged up to be shipped off to my lovely giftee!!!

I sent this off with a box packed full of some other things I made just for her and a few other trinkets. I hope she loves everything!

How to Make a Jellyfish Cake


My best friend has always wanted a jellyfish. I can’t afford to give her such a gift, so I went with what I know! Cake, of course. I knew to make this work I would need to build a stand.
I purchased two metal plates and a clear orange glass vase. I hot glued these together to make a stand. Make sure your top plate is the same size as your cake.



I dropped two battery operated tea lights in there. Thankfully, they stayed lit through the party, which was hours later!
My tentacles were next.
I used Airheads candy. I didn’t think fondant would hold up. I assumed it would tear and droop.
I microwaved each piece of candy for four seconds (based on trial and error, 5 seconds was too long, believe it or not.)… Then rolled it into a thinner strip. I cut those into smaller strips and twisted them, setting them aside to cool.
photo.JPG photo.JPG photo.JPG

Each strip I then attached to the top plate with melted white chocolate. This will harden and hold the strips firmly in place.

Next I went to work on my cake. I baked three cakes in decreasing size in order to carve a dome. The bottom cake is the same size as the plate on top of my stand. That is important later.
I placed the cake on a board that was slightly smaller than the bottom layer. That way I will be able to easily lift the cake on to the stand, but it will also sit flush on it.

I carved the cake and iced it.
photo.JPG photo.JPG

Next, I elevated the cake and laid the fondant over it. I trimmed it to hang slightly over the cake so that it would cover the stand plate and have the fluid jellyfish look to it.
I pleated it a bit and then transferred the cake to the stand.


Once on the stand I hand painted some details with food color gel mixed with high proof vodka. I even sprinkled a bit of luster dust over it.
I piped a happy birthday message for the birthday girl and it was done!


It was a huge hit at the party. Everyone loved pulling the tentacles off and eating them with their cake!

I’d say this was a great example of turning one of my crazy ideas from my brain into a real, working concept! Love it :)

Giving Thanks

I would like to start with an apology. My last update was September 23rd. Almost 2 months ago today.

I have been very busy and I was burnt out. I was just tired of all the writing and trying to meet deadlines. I even fell off from my personal blog and that’s saying a lot.

I’ll schedule some posts and whip up some nice holiday treats for you guys <3

In the mean time, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Like… in two days!

Here's a lovely Thanksgiving fall theme cake I made for a friend!



Every little twig, berry, pumpkin, acorn and vine were hand sculpted. The leaves were cut with ADORABLE little leaf cutters I got over the weekend and the veins were sculpted into them with my fondant tools. I placed the leaves in a way that made them look as if they just sort of floated down from a tree and fell where they may.

It’s one of my favorite cakes to date!

I’m thankful that even though I haven’t blogged in two months, I’m still receiving a steady 100 or so views a day. I’m ready to give you guys new content <3

What are you thankful for?

At my house, I host an early Thanksgiving feast for my close family. My mother and father in law, my brother and sister in law and their children and of course, my husband and I. Every year I go all out.
Here's a little look into what goes into my Thanksgiving:
Fresh, home made apple pie…

Fresh, home made cranberry sauce…

Turkey stuffed with apples and oranges and fall spices…

photo.JPG photo.JPG
A well set table and good food…

And a happy family <3

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks for waiting me out on this hiatus.

Colorful Cake Fun!

Sometimes I get projects that are awesome. That I can’t wait to do. Sometimes people ask me to do things and I think, “Not only do I love this idea, it’s something I would have come up with on my own!”

This was one of those moments. Some one went to a party where I had made the cake. It was actually the Star Cake. She loved it and wanted to know if I could make a cake and some cupcakes for a birthday party coming up. I agreed and was thrilled with the concept. I showed you guys how I assembled the tower here. So this was my finished tower:

I must admit… initially, I wasn’t completely in love with it. I hand painted it and added the ribbon and I just kept thinking I wasn’t 100% sure I loved it…

Until I got everything put on it…

Can you say perfection?
photo.JPG photo.JPG

Okay, so I was totally 100% in love with it. completely. It was like… the cutest thing ever. I swear. I was so happy.

You’ll notice, (possibly angrily?), that I haven’t posted a tutorial in a while. I’m sort of taking a hiatus from it. It sort of started grating on me having the deadline looming over me and what not. It was kind of not much fun for me for the moment. I have a lot going on in my life and it’s hard enough to update this blog on the regular, along with my other personal blog, which I have been writing since 2001. lol

The point is, I’m still here and I’m still going to educate you guys again at some point, but for now you’ll just have to put up with only looking at my snazzy cakes! Hope you guys understand!

Naughty and Nice

I just want to say… this cake was great haha. I loved making it. I actually think I sort of got out of hand with it and went a little overboard. It was only supposed to be two tiers, but I threw a third on top and added a few extras.

This cake was for a bachelorette party and needed to be good mix of naughty and nice. Princess and underpants lol.



What a great cake! I think the little bra is my favorite. I created every little piece by hand and it was tons of fun!

The girl who ordered it from me got my name from the girl who ordered this cake from me. In October of 2009. 1.)It’s crazy to me that I’ve been making cakes since 2009. and 2.)I can’t believe how cute that cake was considering at that time I’d only been making cakes for like 6 months or something. that was also my very first attempt at zebra cake, which, as most of you know, is now like “my thing” which I feel I have completely perfected. Awesome sauce. All around.

A Very Volkswagen Birthday Cake

Our friend Todd had a birthday coming up and his lovely girlfriend Kelly asked me to make a cake. She suggested just a round cake with the VW logo on top, but instantly a fun idea popped into my head. I sketched it out really quickly on a scrap of foam board that I was cutting into a cake board at the moment lol.
Perfect. lol

I made a butterscotch cake with butterscotch frosting. Omg it was so good. I melted an entire bag of butterscotch chips and folded that into my buttercream. The ended up so decadent and moist as it was made with rich butterscotch pudding. It all just melted in your mouth!


It was a surprise party and Kelly even managed to get him there without him knowing we would all then show up! When I walked in with the cake I proclaimed that he needed to open the box because I wanted him to get the first giant whiff of deliciousness out of the box lol

I used my Cricut Cake to cut all of the squares for the argyle sides! Cutting out 50+ squares by hand is for suckers. Everyone loved it and then we did shots. Well, not me. I don’t drink whiskey. Though I did have a white russian, because the dude abides.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Stack a Tiered Cake

People ask me all the time what they need to do to ensure the integrity of their tiered cakes. I’ll show you how I do it.

First I cover my cakes with fondant. This is a bit more tricky with buttercream covered cakes… but I do most of my cakes in fondant.

The bottom cake is given a support system. Honestly, drinking straws work awesome. I find the center of my cake and come out a couple of inches in each direction and insert a straw. Be careful not to put the supports out further than the next cake with overlap.

Pull the straws up a tiny bit and cut each one so that once you push it back into the cake, it’s level with the cake and rests on the bottom of the cake board. The concept here is that the next cake’s weight will be supported completely by these straws and it won’t crush this cake.

photo photo

Now, sometimes when I do a tiered cake, I’ll add a center support to keep the cake from falling over or sliding around, coming off center etc.

I usually use a wooden skewer in this case. Be sure that your skewer is cut to the correct height, you don’t want it tearing through the top of your top tier. That would be bad!
This cake is going to be a three tier.

This next part is very important… you have to have a board under your other cake as well. The board distributes the weight across the supports. I usually cut a piece of foam core board into a circle slightly smaller than the cake is and cover it in foil. Also important… if you’re using a center support… POKE A HOLE INTO THE CENTER OF THIS BOARD BEFORE YOU PUT THE CAKE ON IT. (See how serious I am? I resorted to capslock…)
If not, you won’t be able to properly do this.

Yeah, that cake looks a little wonky. Don’t worry about that bottom, that’s what boarders are for ;)


I added a third tier on top of this, putting supports in this second tier the same way as on the bottom. Once you get the cake on, it might look a little rough from the handling, but you just need to wiggle things around a little and smooth things down a little and hey, decorating cakes is all about covering up imperfections with awesome little things you create.

Here’s a photo of it with the top tier on.

Happy stacking!

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