Bicycle Wedding Cake

Okay, first and foremost… I’M SORRY. I know, I’m pretty terrible about this whole blogging thing. I’m awful, I know. I promise I still love each and every one of you and I appreciate your interest in my life and cakes. So THANK YOU. Seriously. I love you guys.

That said, I made this cake a while back and it’s one of my favorite I’ve ever done. It turned out so great. I mean, the theme is bikes! I love bikes!

I got this super cool mold:
photo 2.JPG

I was so excited to use it!

The rainbow cakes for this thing were AWESOME. Some of my favorite to date:
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG

It was a topsy turvy cake. I love them because they look all wonky like they’re going to fall but in reality, they’re totally level :D
photo 1.JPG

The bikes turned out really great!
photo 3.JPG

The whole thing was just really lovely!
photo 5.JPG

Seriously, one of my all time favorites! More posts to come! I pinky swear!

Topsy Turvy!

This was my very first attempt to make a topsy turvy cake.

It’s for my niece who turned 13 today! She’s cute as a button and this cake matches her quirky personality.

I had to work, so I didn’t get to go to the party!!! Bummmmmmmeeeerrr!!! But I am told everyone loved the cake and had a blast. The husband sent this pic from dinner at La Fiesta to my phone:

The inside of the cake is pink and white alternating layers.

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