Dinosaurs and Trains

This cake was pretty fun! Dinosaurs AND trains. For kids, I don’t know what’s much more fun than those two things. So, combining those things is a lot of fun for sure!

My favorite part about this cake was piping the buttercream clouds. They just look so happy!

I got to make Atreyu’s birthday cake last year as well! It’s crazy how fast time flies!

Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun…

My niece turned 3 this year and wow… she is just cute as a button!
She wanted a Little Mermaid cake which I thought was super awesome. I mean hey… that’s the kind of cake I would have wanted when I was a kid!

I wanted it to have a cool “under the sea” feeling to it, so I piped coral and sea weed onto wax paper using candy melt. Then when it cooled, I attached it to the side of the cake. I iced the cake with yummy blue buttercream and topped it with the perfect cake topper candle!

It was a huge hit!
I was so excited to see that they’d picked up Ariel plates and cups as well!


And… of COURSE… I had to make the inside count!
“Flounder” blue and yellow zebra cake and strawberry! Yum!

Happy birthday my love!

Are you ready for some football… cake?

Okay, so most of you know I don’t know much about sports. I usually have to do more googling when something involves sports, vehicles or gaming. Thankfully, I know what a football looks like… I might not be able to tell you how football is played or basically anything else about it, but I can properly identify a football in a line up. So that was a good start.

Lori found me online, which is awesome. Since this is a side hobby for me, I just sort of rely on word of mouth and friends to spread the word about my cakes. So when google did me a solid and brought my page up for Lori, the stars sort of aligned for us and we started emailing back and forth about this cake.

She pretty much gave me free artistic reign on this one, which was awesome of her because I got to figure out what I was going to do. I did a few sketches and set to work. I baked two 8″ rounds for the bottom tier and then two 6″ rounds and a 4″ round for the top tier. I stacked the 6″s and and the 4″ and started carving. All I knew was that I needed it to look like a football!
When it came time to cover the football, I tried cutting triangular strips of fondant to lay on the shape one at a time. It soon became evident this wasn’t the key here… I had to strip the cake down and try something else haha. The pieces needed to be triangular at the top, but flare out in a rounded way in the center and bottom. Once I figured that out, I was golden. I added the stars because, after all, this was for a 6 year old. I didn’t want it to be too serious!



Lori said Lucas loved the cake! And I love this candle arrangement! Happy Birthday Lucas!

Don’t forget my own birthday is coming up next week! And I have a very fun Futurama theme planned! Just you wait!!

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Giving Thanks

I would like to start with an apology. My last update was September 23rd. Almost 2 months ago today.

I have been very busy and I was burnt out. I was just tired of all the writing and trying to meet deadlines. I even fell off from my personal blog and that’s saying a lot.

I’ll schedule some posts and whip up some nice holiday treats for you guys <3

In the mean time, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Like… in two days!

Here's a lovely Thanksgiving fall theme cake I made for a friend!



Every little twig, berry, pumpkin, acorn and vine were hand sculpted. The leaves were cut with ADORABLE little leaf cutters I got over the weekend and the veins were sculpted into them with my fondant tools. I placed the leaves in a way that made them look as if they just sort of floated down from a tree and fell where they may.

It’s one of my favorite cakes to date!

I’m thankful that even though I haven’t blogged in two months, I’m still receiving a steady 100 or so views a day. I’m ready to give you guys new content <3

What are you thankful for?

At my house, I host an early Thanksgiving feast for my close family. My mother and father in law, my brother and sister in law and their children and of course, my husband and I. Every year I go all out.
Here's a little look into what goes into my Thanksgiving:
Fresh, home made apple pie…

Fresh, home made cranberry sauce…

Turkey stuffed with apples and oranges and fall spices…

photo.JPG photo.JPG
A well set table and good food…

And a happy family <3

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks for waiting me out on this hiatus.

Mystery Machine Birthday Cake!

My niece Sophia turned four this year! So crazy how fast the time flies.
Last year I made her this cake:

This year she’s obsessed with Scooby Doo. Some one suggested I make the Mystery Machine and as much as it stresses me out to make vehicles, I decided I could make this happen lol…
I baked the cake for the van in a bread loaf pan sort of like this one:
Then I stuck it in the freezer for a while to let it get hard so that I could trim it down a bit without it falling apart on me. The cake itself was a hilarious idea that I had to add half a package of strawberry jello and a few handfuls of fresh diced strawberries into my cake mix! (IT WAS DELICIOUS)
The bottom cake was tiedye zebra cake :) (See how to make this type of cake here!)



That cake was gone in like… a split second haha. It was eaten about as fast as I could cut it! I think I cut almost 30 slices out of it all and there were only two left over! I call that sweet success! ;)

ps… someone send me a google+ invite!! plasticshakeupsnow@gmail.com

May the fondant be with you…

My friend Janna’s son Ender turned 5 this week and he loves Star Wars. Loves it!
Janna is an amazing mom and she would do anything for her son. So she commissioned me to make what could well be the coolest cake I’ve ever made.
I sat down with the little man and asked him what he wanted his cake to be. He said very matter of factly that he wanted Darth Vader. :)

Well, I set to work, trying to come up with a cool design that would be fun for him. I checked out some cakes online that other people had made, collected some ideas and came up with a plan.

This is what I made!

Darth Vader Birthday Cake!

Darth Vader Birthday Cake!Darth Vader Birthday Cake!Darth Vader Birthday Cake!

Now, Janna is such a freaking awesome mom, that she and another friend, Stacy, looked every place they could to find Ender a Darth Vader costume to wear to this party. They tracked one down at a store about an hour and a half away and he is going to get to be Darth Vader. How cool is that??? He said he doesn’t want people to know it’s him. He wants them to think it’s really Darth Vader. It’s so cute, I could actually explode. He might just be the cutest kid in existence.
I wish I could go to the party and help them eat this cake! I don’t envy the fact that Janna has to slice this fancy thing open though lol.

Birthday Cake!

I worked on this cake all day! This is basically the first time I’ve sat down in hours. My feet hurt like they hurt after I work at the bar lol.

Today I made this birthday cake. It’s f
or the little girl who’s parents needed some help. I’m donating this cake to them free of charge. I had to make it a couple of days early, but you’d be surprised how long all that frosting and fondant keeps cake fresh lol. 
The bottom tier is one big round yellow cake. The top tier is a two layer chocolate cake. I covered the top layer in purple fondant and the bottom layer is covered in buttercream. I cut zebra stripes out of fondant for the 
bottom tieras, well as the polka dots for the top tier.
I went with yellow buttercream for the piping work because I thought it w
ould really make the zebra print pop. It really turned out well.
I think the coolest part was I drew a picture of what I wanted this to look like and it came out even better than my sketch.
I thought the zebra print would be hard, but it turned out to be pretty simple all in all. 
I covered my cake board in a girly pink wall paper sample for some added pizzaz. I hope little Courtney loves it. It’s probably the best cake I’ve made so far.
Today I also worked on an experiment for a crazy layer cake.

More on that later hahaha… I was trying to accomplish something but I was so damn tired after making the birthday cake that I ran out of any energy to come back to this. 

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