An Update?

Hello, friends! It’s been a while. A long while. I know people still frequent this page and I just want to say thank you. This blog, though not updated in years, still receives hundreds of views per week.

Although I have not returned to cake decorating, I do still have all of my equipment, pans and tools. Who knows, I could jump back into it at any moment ;)

I have a whole new life since I last blogged here! I now live in Nashville, TN with my wonderful boyfriend and our cats. I run a small handmade cosmetics company called Comet Vomit ( and I’m working hard to live the best life I can!

I realize this post leaves many questions unanswered as to how things went from where they were left off the last time I blogged here to now, but I don’t really want to get too far into my personal life here. We’ll just say life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it to, but sometimes that’s okay. I love Nashville and I love my life!

If I start decorating again, I’ll certainly let you all in on it :)

A Very Scary Birthday Cake!

Okay, so sometimes you get to make a cake and you know it’s going to be one of the coolest thing ever before you even start rolling out the fondant…

Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve had the privilege of making.
Challenge #1 was that this was a glutton free cake. I’ve not made one, so I hope it tasted good. I was told it was good :)
Again, I’m hella behind on posting, so I made this a while back.

Anyhow this birthday cake was for Joel Robinson of He seems to be a very rad dude and I feel lucky to have been able to make this cake!

First I had to recreate his logo in sugar. I’ll tell you, his website at the time didn’t have the full logo, so I kind of had to make it up in photo shop haha.
photo 4.JPG

I filled the cake with a blood red strawberry reduction I made. (I could have just eaten it all with a spoon it was so good. I made the cake black velvet.
photo 5.JPG

The bones I made with candy melt. I made and cooled tons and lined the entire cake with them. Black chocolate fondant covered the cake.

The skulls were from a mold and the knife I hand made a mold for using one of my kitchen knives. I hand painted that.
photo 2.JPG

His wife asked for a horror themed cake! I think I delivered!
Seriously, one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever done!

Great things on the horizon!

Well, I haven’t been making cakes the past few weeks, but things are picking back up!

For christmas I got so much cakey goodness!
I got Wilton performance cake pans, the freaking decorating tip MASTER set!, piping bags, food color markers, cake boards… the FULL flower making kit set… *swoon*
I will be making much cakey goodness soon! I’ll have a new post next week for a cake I’m making this tomorrow… annnnd my birthday is coming up and I’ve got big plans!

Hope you all had a wonderful new year! I know I did!

See you all soon!

It’s here!

It’s here it’s here it’s here!!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhh it's finally here and now I have to go to work til 8:00!!


I can’t wait to use this! I am stuck at work until 8:00pm, but I swear I’m going to run in that door and start teaching myself how to use this thing the second I get home!

If you don’t know what this is, check it out!
Cricut Cake!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Make a Steak Cake

Okay, trying something new today. I’ve never done a video tutorial before. I’m also obsessed with this time lapse thing on my phone… so here you have it.

Alright, I start with one layer of red velvet cake. (duh), then I chill it in the freezer for a bit so that I can cut it without it falling apart. First I carve the shape of a steak, trying to trim off as little cake as possible. Next I iced the cake. After that, you’ll want to roll out your fondant. I used white because I hate making red fondant and I own an airbrush… lol
After covering, I sprayed the fondant red. Then roll out a small portion of white, cut out the “t-bone” shape and place it on the cake. Then roll out a long ribbon to wrap around the cake as the “fat”… roll the ribbon into a roll, brush the sides of the cake with piping gel or vodka and carefully adhere the ribbon to the side of the cake by unrolling it as you go.

And maybe… if you’re lucky, the guy at your local meat counter will be nice enough to give you a clean, un-used foam meat tray. :)

There you have it… delicious t-bone steaks even your vegetarian friends will love!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to buy the perfect boxes

When you make your delicious confections, it’s great to be able to take them places to share with others!
Some times it’s hard to find the perfect boxes for your items though.

If you’re in a rush and making a normal sized cake or a batch of cupcakes you’re not taking far, you can get basic boxes at places like Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabric or the Hobby Lobby. You can even pick them up at Wal-Mart and I’ve seen them in some Meijer’s stores.

These are going to be your basic white kraft style cake boxes and are good when you’re in a hurry. They’ll run anywhere from $.99 to about $4.00 a piece depending on size and style.

If you have some time and are looking for something more specific, you can order online. This is what I did.
I wanted eco friendly boxes in bulk. I found a great website called the Big River Packing Box Shop!
They have a great selection of eco friendly boxes in bulk. And they offer free shipping.

I spent about $50 for 100 eco friendly cake boxes and I love them. And at about $0.50 a box, I’m doing better than I was at the craft stores and I don’t need to run out to the store every weekend for a special trip for one box!
Now, if you’re not sure what you want, for $10, they will send you a sample of ANY 5 boxes they make! It’s a great program and worth looking into! ANY five boxes, from their single cupcake boxes to their large sheet cake boxes. It’s pretty cool. They’ve recently even included their foil covered cake boards into this deal.

If you’re looking for a place that offered smaller batches (or larger batches) Sugar Craft offers cake boxes in quantities as small as 3 or 6 boxes or as large as 250. These are your basic Kraft boxes, the same ones you’d pay tons more for at the craft stores.

When I find something I like I’m a big fan of google’s price matching service.
A quick search for “10×10 Kraft Cake Box” and Google searches the web for the best prices out there!

For cupcake boxes, I’ve looked and I don’t think you’ll find a better variety or price than at the BRPBox shop.

These inserts keep your cupcakes right in their places! No mess, no fuss!

They sell these boxes and inserts in like a million colors and sizes. It’s pretty awesome.
They even make them for mini cupcakes!

I’d bet these could even be used for truffles. I think I’m going to order some samples when I have a few extra bucks and try these out!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I hope I’ve answered all your cake box related questions! Feel free to suggest your favorite stores or sites!

Inappropriate cake is inappropriate…

Alright, lol, so I’ve never made an… inappropriate “adult” themed cake before. So when I was asked to do this cake, I had to laugh. A lot.

This cake was made for a friend’s girlfriend’s “Pure Romance” themed birthday party.

When she told me what she wanted, I asked if we couldn’t make it comical and give it a face… make it a crazy neon color… you know… make it… less… gross hahaha.

I am embarrassed to even show it here lmfao.
I don’t think I should or even CAN show it here!!! LOL

So here’s what I CAN show you:

Oh lord. I’m blushing.
If you’re… of age, (do you have to be “of age” to look at a wiener shaped cake?? hahaha) you can uhm… click here.

Yikes. ;)

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