Legend of Zelda Cake

Some times I get to make super fun cakes! I jump at the chance to do any cool nerdy/geeky cakes. They’re always my favorite. When I was asked to make a Zelda cake with a little Link figure, I was stoked.

I’m going to call this cake the hella chocolate cake. Because it’s PACKED full of chocolate. I made dark chocolate cake full of chocolate chips, then I filled the layer between the two cakes with more chocolate chips and thick, rich chocolate buttercream. Next, I iced the whole cake in homemade chocolate buttercream and then covered it in home made chocolate fondant. I might be calling it hella chocolate, but this thing smelled like heaven. Let’s be honest. I wanted to take a bite.

Tutorial Tuesday: Making a cake filled chocolate… well… anything!

Alright, so I was a slacker last week, so I promised something epic this week. So here we go! I’m going to show you how to make your very own custom molds and create with them!!

I’m pretty sure this would be a great project to do with kids. I mean, I don’t really know this. I don’t have kids. It’s a terrible project to do with cats. For the record.

For the basics of this you well need:
Some cake! Just a little bit of cake. I have some frozen in my freezer, but a cupcake or two would be more than enough cake for this. A little bit of frosting (Like half a table spoon), Some chocolate or candy melt.
This ridiculous stuff called Amazing Mold Putty! It’s $20 at your craft store. I got it at Michael’s. It’s my new favorite thing on earth maybe.
And you’ll need an object that you want to immortalize in chocolate. I wanted to make a chocolate wii remote. I ordered this wii remote on ebay and it doesn’t really work because it’s a damn cheap knock off. So I wasn’t worried about messing it up, though it was not harmed in the process anyway!

Alright, so to start with, I did wipe down the remote with a disinfectant wipe, since, obviously, I’ve had my grubby hands all over it.

Alright, we’ll start with the putty. You need equal parts of each color. Grab as much as you think you’ll need to cover your object. You can always mix more.

Knead it until you get a solid consistency with the color:

I sort of flattened and rolled mine out until I thought it was a good size to fit over the remote. It doesn’t have to be super thick, but if you’re too stingy with it, you’ll end up with bad results when it tears.

Start to mold it over your object, pressing down to get all the details in to the putty. This stuff doesn’t dry crazy fast, but you’re still working against the clock, so remember that!
Once I got it pretty well around the edges, I trimmed a little off the sides and made sure it was pretty well tucked around it and all.

You have to let it sit for about 20-30 minutes to fully harden.
Then, you’re ready to pop our your object and see your mold! Practice makes perfect and this is only my third mold, so it’s not perfect, but I’m working on it lol


When it’s set you can rinse it with warm water and a tiny bit of dish soap, but make sure to dry it 100%! Chocolate and water are like mortal enemies. Just throwing that out there. I’ll be totally honest and say I was so stoked, I didn’t even wash mine out. I’m still alive. We’ll see what happens… hmmm.

Alright! So now, you have your mold. You’re going to want to melt down some chocolate to pour into it. I actually decided to fill in the buttons with white chocolate first.

I melted down my chocolate in a make shift double boiler. I’ve grown to prefer this method over microwaving it in short bursts, but you can melt it how you’d like. Just get it to the nice liquid consistency.
Again, hard to say how much you’ll need. Enough to coat the inside of your mold and then cover the cake once you’ve stuffed the mold with cake.

Start by dropping some chocolate in and spreading it around the bottom. Coat the bottom of the mold and then use the back of the spoon to coat the sides. Remember you need room for the filling! You’re just trying to get a nice chocolate crust.


Now pop that bad boy in the freezer and let it chill for about 5 minutes or so until it’s hard.
I decided to add cherries to my bar! So I cut some cherries in half and plopped them in there. Then I mixed my cake with a tiny bit of frosting and stuffed it in there, leaving room to add more chocolate on the sides and top. Don’t press too hard when you fill though, you don’t want to break the chocolate that’s already set on the sides and bottom!

Now pour more chocolate over the filling until you’ve filled the mold.

Once it’s full, drop it on the counter a few times. Air bubbles WILL rise to the surface. Fill them accordingly. I do this for a minute or so just to make sure everything it full of chocolate.
Now, again, pop that sucker in the freezer for another 5-10 minutes.
Then you’ll be ready to unmold. It’s like… opening the freaking ark of the covenant. No matter how badly you think your mold might have turned out, you’re going to be ridiculously stoked right now to see how your masterpiece turned out. Get giddy.
Make sure it’s solid! Figure out the part that peels the most easily and start there. A large mold like this, you can turn inside out, but peel slowly!


Trim off any excess on the bottom:

And then behold!
Is it perfect? Absolutely not.

Can I play wii with it?
Turns out… no.

Is it omg amazingly delicious?


Here are the other two molds I’ve made:

So yeah, overall, still something I’m perfecting, but I am having SO much fun with it!! Seriously. The possibilities are endless.
And, come on, that candy bar might not be PERFECT, but if you made that for some one they will still be super impressed and probably be obligated to love you forever. Jussayin.

You can wash the molds out with mild dish soap and warm water. They’re awesomely reusable.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! I promise I’ll be back next week with more! I have some awesome cakes coming up as well! I’m doing my second wedding cake this month and I’m thrilled about it!

As a disclaimer, I’d like to apologize for taking all the photos for this with my iphone. It’s not as good as my camera, but the batteries were dead and I needed to get this done!

I created this as an instructable as well and within moments of submission, I was chosen to be featured on the front page!!!

Check it out here!

Music and video games

Last week I did two pretty cool cakes!

One was for the bassist of local band LegBone. His girlfriend asked me to do it as a surprise for him. It was chocolate cake covered in fondant. I used an exacto knife to cut the logo out of fondant and then added the white accents by hand. Shaped like Ohio :)

Legbone Birthday Cake

Also, I made a cake for a cousin. He turned 15 this weekend. Trying to decide what to make a 15 year old kid for his birthday was pretty hard. To be honest. I was sort of clueless. We brainstormed forever until we realized pretty much all 15 year old boys liked video games.
XboX 360 Cake

The cake itself was white and green marbled vanilla cake. The controller was made of cereal treat covered in fondant. The birthday boy ate almost the entire controller lol.

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