Best Wishes!

It’s always a total bummer when someone you like at work leaves to do something else. Crescendo worked in the drum department at the music store I work at and he is a super cool dude. I mean… how could he not be? His name is Crescendo!

Well, he kept joking that I should make him a cake… So I figured, you know what? Why not. I have this power… so let’s use it for good!

I decided to make him a snare drum. He’s a great drummer and he’s the music minister at his church.
I was originally going to make him a specific snare drum, but my cakes… ehhhh they didn’t really rise so well hahaha… so I he ended up with a piccolo snare drum :)
Drum Cake

The cake is chocolate with mint buttercream. I created a drum head with white fondant, wrapped the sides in a sort of mixed up wood grain looking fondant. I added the hoops and lugs on the sides and sprayed them metallic with my airbrush.

I don’t work today, so I brought the cake to work yesterday and left it for him with a note on it in his department. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see it. I know even if he thinks I’ll make him a cake, he won’t be expecting something quite as elaborate as this!

I wish I could be there when he opens it! I know he’ll love it.

So, to Crescendo, where ever you are right now- Best wishes and good luck!

Rock n’ Roll and Cake

My husband is a great guy… like, seriously. He’s very talented. I know that I sort of have to say that… because he’s my husband, but I really mean it! He is in several bands at the moment. One of those bands is called Auburndale. He sings and plays guitar in the band. They’ve spent a long time working on their new record and even after some issues with the pressing of the cds (the company sent them their cds packaged in cases that belonged to a band from GERMANY!), they worked out all the kinks and last night we celebrated with a great rock show at Blind Bob’s, where he and I both work.
I knew I had to make a cake for them! And what better than to try to replicate their album artwork!


Auburndale CD release party cake

Granted, I didn’t match the color so well, but I don’t think I’ve ever painted something this large with food color and I wasn’t even sure it was going to work! I mixed food color gel with a bit of vodka and painted it all by hand. The vodka evaporates, so no, this cake will not get you drunk!

The inside of the cake was red velvet!
The bar is right by our house, so I decided I didn’t need to put the cake in a box. We made one stop before the bar and by the time we got back into the car, I completely forgot that the cake was in the back seat. My husband slammed on the breaks at a stop light and I felt something hit the back of my seat… I just knew. I knew RIGHT AWAY what it was. I freeeaked out and jumped out of the car right there at the light. The cake was teetering on the edge of the seat and had slid forward on the cake board. The left corner hit the seat and was slightly dented, but the fondant didn’t tear. Holy cow. I can’t explain to you the heart attack I had!

Once we got to the bar I got some great ego boosting attention from everyone about the cake. People all wanted to eat it and by the time the second band started, I knew I had to go ahead and cut the cake before someone cut me!

By the end of the night the cake was gone and everyone was thanking me. It was a great night!

Auburndale’s album Alive in a Dying City is for sale on itunes and on Amazon.

Here they are playing acoustic at the local radio station (interview here.)

More music on their myspace.

I feel so lucky to live in a place where people still support local music. Some people might think the music scene here is dead, but working at this bar has shown me that we still have a great little tight knit community of people who just genuinely love music. I can’t thank everyone in Dayton, Ohio enough for that. <3

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