Tutorial Tuesday: Fondant Roses

Alright, I tried to write this earlier, but WordPress was having issues. Hopefully, it doesn’t eat this post. Seems like it might be a little weird acting, but we shall see!

Alright, so materials needed:
Seriously just fondant and powdered sugar. An a little bit of water.


Start by using part of the fondant to make a sort of pointy egg shape. Round on one end and pointy on the other end like this. That will become the center of your flower.
photo photo

Now to make the petals, make little balls, then flatten them. You want them to be pretty thin.
photo photo photo

The more petals you make, the bigger your flower will be. When you’re squishing them, keep in mind what rose petals look like. They aren’t perfect circles, so you don’t have to be exact with your work. :)
Now, put a little bit of water on your center piece. Then start wrapping petals around it. You’ll need to brush water on the bottom inside of each petal before adding it. Just keep wrapping, trying to keep the sides equal.
photo photo photo photo

Once you feel like you have enough petals on, simply pinch the bottom and roll it between your thumb and fingers a bit until it feels secure.

See, not hard at all!

I guess no one wanted to win a 3 month pro-account certificate for Instructables.com because I didn’t have ONE SINGLE entry for the contest last week! Boo! Ah well. Happy caking!

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