Steak Cake Take Two!

I think this is technically my third steak cake related post lol. It just turns out that the steak cake is a popular subject…
And I think I’ve really perfected this whole thing haha.

I decided to make a label… I did a google image search and found a label I liked. I made a few… changes to it lol

I even made some garnish for this one. Some leaves to kind of set off the whole thing like it’s sitting on a nice bed of greens.

Of course, the cake was red velvet.

I’m told he didn’t even want to cut it! :D

Meaty Cakes

Alright, I promise this is better than it sounds ;)

My wonderful friend Crystal Leisure was planning a meat themed art show! Fantastic. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, keep in mind this was not some meat-glorification summer steak-fest lol. Some participants were vegetarians and some were for meat. There were a lot of different angles to the show. Very cool.

In any case, I made a few contributions.
My first piece was a lovely set of red velvet steak cakes: (I showed you how to make these here!)

I even managed to snag a foam meat packing tray from the meat counter at the grocery store. Brilliant hahaha. I wrapped them in plastic, but I don’t have a photo. They were bright red velvet cake underneath. :)

My next contribution involved bacon… lots of bacon. I made chocolate bacon cupcakes.

They were super dark, decadent chocolate with crunched up bacon bits baked inside, with super rich satiny chocolate frosting and topped with a nice crispy piece of bacon on top. Holy wow.
At first you just taste the chocolate because it’s so rich, but the aftertaste is all bacon. They were SO GOOD.

My third contribution was something Crystal convinced me to do… a painting. I don’t dabble much with non- edible art and I’ve never really painted anything before. So don’t judge me too harshly lol.
My piece was a commentary on America’s grain fed cattle industry.

It’s a steak growing in a corn husk… the crown represents that corn is king in America.
I make all possible efforts to only buy grass-fed, free range, organic meat. Did you know that cows can’t even properly digest corn? If they eat it for too long, it will kill them. (Though most are slaughtered before that point…)
I won’t touch this subject for too long, but take a quick look at the ingredients on anything you’re currently sipping on or eating. CORN IS IN EVERYTHING. It bares practically no nutritional value at all, but it’s cheap filler. It’s in your soda, your meat, your juice, your chips, your dog and cat foods… it’s in a lot of things. It’s pretty gross, really. So fight the power. Buy 100% juice, buy grass-fed meat, read labels…
Okay, okay, I’ll climb off my soap box now :)
Thanks for checking out my meaty creations!

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