Transformers Cake… take… what now? Three?

I believe this is the 3rd Transformers cake I’ve made. Possibly the 4th. I forget. It’s for sure, one of the coolest.

I decided I wanted to make “metal” panels for the sides of this cake. I cut the panels from grey fondant and then added “screws” to the corners by cutting little circles and scoring them.
I lined the cake with the panels and then painted them with edible silver shimmer. A few “rusty” accents and I was loving how it was shaping up.
Finally, I decided to add some “patches” here and there for a more worn look. I was really happy with the results!


Funny enough, when I went to cut out the logo, I planned to print it out, lay it over my fondant and cut from there. Well, my printer had other plans and refused to print! I was furious, but I calmed myself down and cut the design out free hand, using a photo on my phone as reference. Not bad if I do say so myself.

I love this cake!

Also, wish me luck… I’m fighting the mobs to go Christmas shopping today lol.

More Than Meets the Eye

So, through the wonders of technology, I’ve set this to post while I’m actually on the road on my way to Wisconsin. Right now, I’m probably chugging Monster and rocking out to The Postal Service.

So anyhow-
A while back, I made this awesome Darth Vader cake for my friend Janna’s son’s birthday. Darth Vader Birthday Cake!

It was an epic party and I’ve made several cakes for people who were at the party and saw the cake.
spring birthday cake IMG_8404 Elephant blanket birthday cakes

Well, now I have another to add to that list. I was contacted by Jennifer about making her son a cake. He likes Transformers. I’ve done one Transformers cake before, but this would be a bit more involved. She wanted it to be similar to the Darth Vader cake with the logo on top and then a decorated cake on the bottom.
She said he likes Bumble bee, one of the characters on the show. Not the new version though- the old school version. Love it!


I used black fondant on top and then painted the logo with edible silver dust mixed with a little bit of vodka to make a paint. Then I outlined all that in buttercream.

The bottom part had a little VW and a Bumblebee face on the sides.


The best part though…

You had to know it was coming!! Bumble Bee inside!!!
So cool. I’m told the cake was a big hit and everyone loved it! That’s the best thing to hear and I never get tired of hearing it!

And of course, the zebra cake tutorial!

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