A Very Volkswagen Birthday Cake

Our friend Todd had a birthday coming up and his lovely girlfriend Kelly asked me to make a cake. She suggested just a round cake with the VW logo on top, but instantly a fun idea popped into my head. I sketched it out really quickly on a scrap of foam board that I was cutting into a cake board at the moment lol.
Perfect. lol

I made a butterscotch cake with butterscotch frosting. Omg it was so good. I melted an entire bag of butterscotch chips and folded that into my buttercream. The ended up so decadent and moist as it was made with rich butterscotch pudding. It all just melted in your mouth!


It was a surprise party and Kelly even managed to get him there without him knowing we would all then show up! When I walked in with the cake I proclaimed that he needed to open the box because I wanted him to get the first giant whiff of deliciousness out of the box lol

I used my Cricut Cake to cut all of the squares for the argyle sides! Cutting out 50+ squares by hand is for suckers. Everyone loved it and then we did shots. Well, not me. I don’t drink whiskey. Though I did have a white russian, because the dude abides.

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