Dear Internet

Okay internet, so I have a confession to make… *deep inhale*

I, Tiffany Whitten, have never seen a Harry Potter movie, read a Harry Potter book or even have any solid knowledge about Harry Potter. That being said, my mom and brother love Harry Potter. They’ve seen all the movies, including the latest. Which I hear is part one of two. Which… well… confuses me further… because I thought it was like part 76 or something, but what do I know.

In any case, I did some googling and came up with some pretty common themes.
The Sorting Hat.
Harry Potter Cake for My Mom
I assumed this thing was something evil… I mean… come on! It looks evil, but evidently it tells you what house you’re going to be in. (Whatever that means lol)

The magic wand.
Harry Potter Cake for My Mom
I can get down on that. I know what a magic wand is for haha.

And of course, the signature Harry glasses and a spell book.
Harry Potter Cake for My Mom

I also tried my best to replicate the colors on those scarves I see everyone with lol. Believe it or not, between the 4 people in my house when I was making this cake, none of us had seen the movies and could decide if the colors I was mixing for the buttercream were right, so we had to google it. Hah.

In the end, I was really happy with how it all turned out.
Harry Potter Cake for My Mom

Please excuse the glare on my fondant pieces. I had just finished them and they’d just been brushed down with alcohol to remove the excess powdered sugar. :)

Now… before I show you the inside of the cake… I feel need for a disclaimer lol. I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate the outside when I first started this cake. I knew I wanted to do a zebra cake… so I just grabbed the first two colors in my color box. It’s a real tragedy that I didn’t come up with the HP idea sooner because I totally could have done a brilliant maroon and yellow stripe inside. Instead… I ended up with this:
mms_picture.jpg mms_picture_1.jpg

Zebra cake tutorial here.

All night my husband called it the Monster’s Inc cake hahaha. Oh well! I say that I like the inside to be a surprise! So there it was… surprise!

We took my mom out for Peking Duck at China Cottage and it was fabulous. then the awesome waitress even brought us little plates, new forks and a knife so that we could enjoy our cake after dinner. It was a lovely evening.

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend! I’ll be in Wisconsin Saturday and Sunday with my great friend and fellow blogger Liz! There will be cake… and therefore photos! So stay posted! Also, check out her brand new blog! Black Heart Knits & Crafts! It’s just a lil baby blog in it’s first couple days of existence.

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