Best Wishes!

It’s always a total bummer when someone you like at work leaves to do something else. Crescendo worked in the drum department at the music store I work at and he is a super cool dude. I mean… how could he not be? His name is Crescendo!

Well, he kept joking that I should make him a cake… So I figured, you know what? Why not. I have this power… so let’s use it for good!

I decided to make him a snare drum. He’s a great drummer and he’s the music minister at his church.
I was originally going to make him a specific snare drum, but my cakes… ehhhh they didn’t really rise so well hahaha… so I he ended up with a piccolo snare drum :)
Drum Cake

The cake is chocolate with mint buttercream. I created a drum head with white fondant, wrapped the sides in a sort of mixed up wood grain looking fondant. I added the hoops and lugs on the sides and sprayed them metallic with my airbrush.

I don’t work today, so I brought the cake to work yesterday and left it for him with a note on it in his department. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see it. I know even if he thinks I’ll make him a cake, he won’t be expecting something quite as elaborate as this!

I wish I could be there when he opens it! I know he’ll love it.

So, to Crescendo, where ever you are right now- Best wishes and good luck!

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